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    • Rubber Firefighter Boots

      Rubber Firefighter Boots

      Foot protection, comfort in extreme conditions and secure traction are critical characteristics in firefighter duty boots as they need to be able to move quickly and safely around hazardous environments. This product is designed for heavy duty field or wildland use as well as lighter duty footwear for rescue crew and station use. There is a windproof layer inside the boot, making it more comfortable for wearing. The outsole of the boot is made of high strength rubber, so it is anti-slide, acid and alkali proof as well as anti-stab. Since the sole can resist the high temperature of 300 degree Celsius, it is widely used in fire occasion.

    • Fire Fighting Emergency Rescue Water Gun

      Fire Fighting Emergency Rescue Water Gun

      QLD6.0/8III-B type DC spray water gun is also called no recoil water gun. Mainly used for life-saving fire protection, can meet the technical requirements of various fire and fire changes. The foam expansion tube is fitted with a foam expansion tube to produce a high quality foam to extinguish the fire. It can be equipped with German internal button interface, British fast interface and Japanese fast interface.