SART Search And Rescue Radar Transponders Ship Radar Transponder FT501

Search and rescue radar transponder (SART) is a homing device in the global maritime distress and safety system (GMDSS). Product performance indicators meet relevant international standards and have independent intellectual property rights. Approved by China classification society CCS (certificate no. : FZ12T00011) China fishery ship inspection bureau product type approval (certificate no. : C00001300007).

Product Details

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Functions and features:

1. Detect the pulse function through the navigation radar of a search ship or helicopter.

SART's signal can display the exact location of SART on the navigation radar screen of a search ship or helicopter.

The ship and boat found a rescue vessel or helicopter approaching.

3. Using x-band small signal detection technology and waveform generation technology,

High efficiency power conversion realizes low power consumption, good electromagnetic compatibility, mature technology and reliable performance.

Ii. Main technical parameters.

1) frequency range of receiving and transmitting: 9200mhz-9500mhz.

2) antenna polarization mode: horizontal polarization.

3) the horizontal beam range: 360 °

4) vertical beam range: relative level, at least for + / - 12.5 °

5) receiving sensitivity: better than -50dbm.

6) equivalent total radiation power: over 400mW.

7) transmit allowable pulse width: 100 mu s.

8) receiving the forbidden pulse width: 105

9) sweep frequency range (linear frequency modulation) : 9200MHZ~9500MHZ.

10) sweep frequency form: sawtooth waveform, normal range: 7.5.

The inverse period: 0.4 mu s plus or minus 0.1 mu s.

11) frequency of sweep frequency: during the launch period of 100, the sweep frequency is 12 times.

12) receive the recovery time of subsequent triggering;

10 mu s or less

13) response delay time: less than 0.5 mu s.

14) temperature range

Working environment temperature: - 20 to + 55

Storage temperature: - 30 to + 65

15) enclosure protection grade: IP68.

16) shell color: yellow or orange (two options)

17) compass safe distance: 50cm.

18) battery life:

A) working voltage: lithium battery DC-7.2V, current: 13500mAh.

B) in the preparatory state (receiving unit work only) : greater than or equal to 96h.

C) in response status (receiving and sending work) : greater than or equal to 8h.

19) volume: 100 (D) x 390 (L) mm.

20) weight: about 1000g.


Package Size: 30cm x 30cm x 40cm   Package Weight: 3.5kg

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