Aluminium Gloves Hand Protection

Product name : Aluminium Gloves Hand Protection Material : composite aluminum foil Temperature resistance : 500 degrees Flexibility : 3.5 Length : 34 cm Type : gato gloves. Size : average size Features : Palm : the main fabric is a pair of arene, with a temperature of 500 degrees, lasting for...

Product Details


Product name: Aluminium Gloves Hand Protection

Material: composite aluminum foil

Temperature resistance: 500 degrees

Flexibility: 3.5

Length: 34 cm

Type: gato gloves.

Size: average size


Palm: the main fabric is a pair of arene, with a temperature of 500 degrees, lasting for 25~35 seconds. It is more resistant to wear and abrasion.

Hand and wrist: the main material is composite aluminum foil, anti-tearing and wrinkling, temperature resistance 450 degree, each time lasting 10 seconds, smooth surface, can effectively prevent the metal sparks flying and thermal radiation.

Purpose: industrial ovens, tunnel furnace, industrial electric welding, metal smelting, metal casting, metal extrusion, metal slitting machine, glass production and processing, the solar cell production, kitchen, bakery, barbecue and other harsh working environment.

Tips: after opening the package, it will not be used for one month. The color of the palm material will be darker, but this does not affect the use. It is not suitable to expose the palm for more than 3 months in the strong sunlight.

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