Fire Fighting Emergency Rescue Water Gun

QLD6.0/8III-B type DC spray water gun is also called no recoil water gun. Mainly used for life-saving fire protection, can meet the technical requirements of various fire and fire changes. The foam expansion tube is fitted with a foam expansion tube to produce a high quality foam to extinguish the fire. It can be equipped with German internal button interface, British fast interface and Japanese fast interface.

Product Details

product structure

  • The gun body is made of T5 aluminum alloy structure, which is firm and light.

  • The surface anodized layer prevents chemical corrosion and mechanical damage.

  • The gun head has a flame-retardant rubber protective cover, which will not melt under extremely hot environment. It is an excellent insulator, which ensures that the fire gun can still work normally without burning in the extreme heat; Firefighter's fingers are not stuck at low temperatures.

  • The pistol grip is made of ergonomic anti-slip anti-flame resistant nylon.

  • The pin and screw are made of stainless steel or copper.

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