Fireman ReflectiveGloves

Fireman ReflectiveGloves

Name : fireman reflective gloves Brand : W - Boat Model : WBT - XF0201 Standard : accord with national GA7-2004 "fire protection gloves" standard. Material : cowskin, aramid, 3M reflector. Length : 280mm average Style : five fingers. Pack : 1 pair/bag 100 bags/box. Rules : 62 * 44 * 34...

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Name: fireman reflective gloves

Brand: W - Boat

Model: WBT - XF0201

Standard: accord with national GA7-2004 "fire protection gloves" standard.

Material: cowskin, aramid, 3M reflector.

Length: 280mm average

Style: five fingers.

Pack: 1 pair/bag 100 bags/box.

Rules: 62 * 44 * 34 cm

Weight: 22 KGS

Mechanical puncture force: > 60N.

Tear strength: > 50N.

Cutting resistance: > 2.0N.

Material combination: high strength aramid fabrics with flame retardant, acid - proof, anti - oil and anti - static.

Waterproof layer: use fabric with waterproof and moisture permeable function.

Thermal insulation layer: it adopts fabrics with heat insulation, flame retardant and heat - proof.

Comfort zone: comfortable fabric with flame retardant properties.

Features: flame retardant insulation, wear-resistant and waterproof, radiant heat, high strength and other characteristics.


it is suitable for the protection of the opponent and wrist during the fire fighting to prevent scratches and cuts.

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