Rubber Firefighter Boots

Foot protection, comfort in extreme conditions and secure traction are critical characteristics in firefighter duty boots as they need to be able to move quickly and safely around hazardous environments. This product is designed for heavy duty field or wildland use as well as lighter duty footwear for rescue crew and station use. There is a windproof layer inside the boot, making it more comfortable for wearing. The outsole of the boot is made of high strength rubber, so it is anti-slide, acid and alkali proof as well as anti-stab. Since the sole can resist the high temperature of 300 degree Celsius, it is widely used in fire occasion.

Product Details

Product Details


Product introduction

Foot protection, comfort and safety traction under extreme conditions are key features of the fireman's working boots because they need to be able to move quickly and safely in a dangerous environment.This product is suitable for heavy duty field or field use, as well as light duty shoes for rescue workers and stations.Inside the boots there is a windproof layer to make the dress more comfortable.The outer sole of the boot is made of high strength rubber and has the advantages of anti-skid, acid and alkali resistance and stinging.Because the sole can withstand 300 degrees of heat.

Designed for maximum comfort and accurate fit

A larger, naturally shaped steel toecap is used to allow complete freedom of toe movement

The heel area is anatomically tapered to hold your heel snugly and comfortably in place eliminating “heel slip”

Below the footbed is a high-density polyurethane midsole which absorbs energy and provides cushioning


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