Considerations - How to decide which Inflatable Lifejacket (PFD) is for you

- Jun 16, 2018-

Automatic PFD and manual PFD.

Automatic inflation should be inflated when it comes into contact with water, which requires green water, not just spray, to inflate.

If you are knocked unconscious while walking, auto-inflating V can save your life.

If you're on a HobyCat and you're splashed on the bow or any other time, the automatic inflator will also inflate uncomfortably.

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Manual inflatable requires you to be aware of what you are doing to release the cylinder.

These are the two most reliable inflators and require less maintenance.

Use or not

If you're working on deck, sailing at sea, or just because you're on your own or in bad weather, you want an inflatable PFD.


Most power boats and nearshore sailors choose to inflate the PFD automatically.

Most sailors choose to manually inflate the PFD.

Many sailors, solo navigators and a small number of power boats will choose an inflatable PFD with a seat belt.

Inflatable PFDS and removable seat belts.

Some activities are not recommended

Not all water sports recommend inflating the PFD because of its unique characteristics.

Inflatable PFD is not recommended for non-swimmers.

Not for active water sports - skiing, tubing, water ski, whitewater, or pricewaterhousecoopers

Finally, they require regular user reviews and maintenance, and only adult sizes are provided.