- Jun 16, 2018-

The PFDS have come a long way from their first source.

Some of the earliest forms of personal flotation were simple blocks of wood or cork, dating back to Norwegian seafarers.

The modern life jacket is designed from England.

In 1854, Captain Ward of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution invented a cork life jacket for lifeguards.

Mae West is the original design of the current model I Marine life jacket.

The original Mae West life jacket, designed by Andrew Toti, was sold to the pentagon in 1936.

It's 1600 dollars.

During world war ii, the b-4 was invented by James Boyle with a rubber inflatable bladder.

The modern inflatable life jacket was designed in the 1980s, but it was not approved for use on leisure yachts until 1996 by the USCG.

Over the past decade, there have been some improvements.

However, USCG draws a line on age.

You must be over 16 to wear the v-shaped PFD.

Features and functions of inflatable PFD

One size fits almost everyone.

You need to be 16 and at least 80 pounds to wear an inflatable PFD.

The coast guard also said non-swimmers should not wear the PFD.