How to choose a life jacket

- Jan 08, 2018-

1 Look at the fabric

There are two kinds of life jacket fabrics, one is: special nylon materials, this fabric is relatively inexpensive, using a wide range, but not durable; the other is: neoprene neoprene (diving material), the fabric price is more expensive, feel soft and comfortable, friction, as long as the more high-end life jackets will use this fabric.

2 See Accessories

Life jackets are commonly used in two kinds of accessories, one is the survival of the whistle, which is now basically Standard Life jackets, the other is reflective film, if it is operating in the sea, visibility is low, we are strongly recommended to standard. If it is the general play leisure and entertainment, is generally not worthy. The life jackets of rocky fishing are also attached to many functions, such as pockets, fish clamp bags, strand bags and so on. But there are a number of life jackets necessary, no matter how the style changes, these are indispensable, this is the rescue pocket and belts (from the back of the lifejacket through the belt across the front piece).

3 See buoyancy

The buoyancy of life jackets shall reach the stipulated standard (the buoyancy of 24 hours in seawater shall not be less than 0.75 kg). The front and rear of the lifejacket should have the right proportion of buoyancy. (in general, the buoyancy of the front piece must be greater than the back piece, if the buoyancy of the life jacket is 1, the buoyancy of the front piece should be greater than 0.58). Life jackets in the material (that is, buoyancy) there are generally two kinds, one is: polyethylene foam, which is relatively low price, buoyancy sufficient, the use of a wide range, but the buoyancy in the water with the buoyancy of the time will change in about 5%. Another is: the use of super light and super buoyancy EPE pearl cotton, this kind of price is obviously more expensive than Styrofoam, its advantages are obvious. Strong buoyancy, life jacket collection folding convenient, easy to dry, more important is the buoyancy in the water for a long time immersion, buoyancy reduced significantly less.

4 Look at the reinforcement

Two methods of life jacket reinforcement are commonly used. The first kind: rope system, this kind of life jacket is generally low dislike life jacket. This is used more in the design of early life jackets. The second is Zipper + buckle, which is now the most widely used.

5 See color

In order to easily find the water in the sea, the general life jacket fabric color is more vivid color, and in the life jacket two shoulders with reflector, should pay attention to purchase.