Inflatable life jackets for aviation

- Jan 08, 2018-

Inflatable life jackets are driven by pulling the rope on the inflatable device so that the lever is transferred to the not stingy bottle and device At 90 degrees, puncture needle broken high-pressure gas cylinders (disposable, replaceable) in the diaphragm, high-pressure carbon dioxide gas into the airbag, gas expansion after the buoyancy, so as to achieve life-saving purposes. Inflatable life jackets are mainly made up of sealed inflatable vest airbags, miniature high-pressure cylinders and quick inflatable valves, which are often used in the work of the possibility of falling into the water. Normally (not inflated), the whole inflatable life vest, like ribbon wear, is dressed in the shoulders of people, because of small size, does not hinder people's freedom of work; once in the water, in the water in the danger of the need for buoyancy emergency moment, can be based on the role of water automatically inflated inflatable (fully automatic inflatable life jackets) or by hand pull the gas valve on the cable (manual inflatable Life jacket), it will be completed in 5 seconds filled with 8~15 kilograms of buoyancy, lift up the human body, so that inadvertently water in the head, shoulder surface, timely access to security.