Introduction of essential lifesaving equipment on board

- Jan 08, 2018-

The necessary life-saving equipment on the ship mainly has buoy, lifejacket, life-saving clothing and insulation appliances.

The life buoy is made of natural buoyancy material and is provided with a handrail rope. At least one buoy on each side of the ship is fitted with a floating lifeline of at least 30 metres long. Some life preserver are equipped with self illuminated lights and spontaneous smoke signals.

A lifejacket is a vest that, after wearing, can provide buoyancy in the water to support a person who is drowning. With canvas or nylon wrapped floating material made, or rely on inflatable float made, no pros and cons, wearing convenient, can the head of the water overboard, waiting for rescue. The lifejacket is equipped with a string-fastened whistle flute and a white light or flash.

Life-saving clothing, also known as heat preservation life clothing, is a can reduce the body heat loss in cold water protective clothing. A life preserver can cover the entire body except the face. According to the thermal performance can be divided into natural insulation materials made of insulating clothing and natural insulation materials made of two kinds of insulating clothing, not natural insulation materials made of insulation clothing should be accompanied by warm clothes to wear.

Insulation equipment refers to the use of low thermal conductivity of waterproof material made of bags or clothing, used to wrap personnel, reduce the body heat loss of the package.