Life Jacket Purchase Knowledge

- Jan 08, 2018-

1. Sea Life jacket: is also our most used one, he used EVA foam material, after compression 3D three-dimensional molding, its thickness of 4 centimeters (domestic production is 5-6 thin hair materials, about 5-7 cm thick), according to the standard specifications for the production of life jackets, have its buoyancy standards, generally adult 7.5 kg/ 24 hours, which means that adults can still reach 7.5 kg of buoyancy after 24 hours of immersion in the sea.

2. Automatic expansion type life jacket: generally use it as a boat fishing, the internal use of double layer of high-strength chemical materials, in case of drowning, press the right button, the left automatically inhaled air, the reflection plate will be the air storage, until full, such a life jacket buoyancy for 10 kilograms/24 hours, but should try to prevent its contact with the reef to prevent breakage.

3. Rocky Fishing Life Jacket: Rocky fishing supplies, he has a pair of buttons in front, they need to pull up when wearing. Another life jacket chest or shoulder have a pair of oval light-emitting body, mainly used for salvage at sea, so select should pay attention to whether open seam, and then to consider its hue and fabric and so on.

In order to ensure its life, should be used after each use brush to brush the inside and outside, and then rinse with water, put in ventilated place to dry. Famous brand Fishing life vest not only has the function of ordinary life vest, more reflective and luminous warning strips and the same pocket device as fishing vest, so that the fishermen can increase security, but also have enough space to place fishing gadgets, can be two birds with one stone.