Maintenance and repair of the heat preservation life clothes

- Jan 08, 2018-

(1) Avoid contact with acid-base or other harmful substances;

(2) The zipper site with wax or acid-free alkaline grease smear, keep the zipper to move the tongue mobile flexible.

(3) After the use of fresh water rinse clean, hanging in a cool, dry place, to avoid high-temperature or ultraviolet radiation. After the dry should be folded back to the original place.

(4) If the fabric surface breakage, should take the spare cloth, uses the polyurethane glue liquid to stick on.

The ship's life-saving insulation equipment In addition to the insulation life-saving clothing. There is also a class of lifeboat, raft insulation for the occupants of insulation equipment. More common is the main insulation bag. It is made of polyester-coated aluminum film and glue-bonded to form a bag. Because it is plated with aluminum layer on the mask, it can reflect back the heat loss of human body, prevent or reduce heat dissipation to the outside of the insulation bag. In addition, this layer of aluminum film can also be used as a radar reflector, to facilitate sea search and rescue. Therefore, the use of insulation bags on the ship is more common.