Marine Life Buoy

- Jan 08, 2018-

A marine life buoy is a kind of water lifesaving equipment, usually made of cork, Styrofoam or other lightweight material with small weight, and is covered with canvas, plastic, etc.

Marine life Buoy The appearance of color should be orange-red, and colorless, the surface should be no concave-convex, no cracking, along the circumference of the life Buoy four equal spacing position, should be surrounded with 50㎜ width of the reverse reflective tape. The outer diameter of the marine life buoy shall not be greater than 800 ㎜, the inner diameter shall be not less than 400 ㎜, and the outer diameter shall be fitted with a floating handle rope of not less than 9.5 ㎜, and not less than four times times the outer diameter of the buoy The cable should be fastened to four equidistant positions around the ring body and form four grommet. Marine life buoy weight should be greater than 2.5 ㎏. The life buoy with spontaneous smoke signal and the speed-throwing device attached to the light float lamp should be heavier than 4 ㎏.