The use method of the Heat preservation life suit

- Jan 08, 2018-

China's production of insulation life-saving clothing generally divided into large and small two kinds of specifications (height 1.75m for the boundary). Users should choose the appropriate life-saving clothing according to their height. At the same time, must carefully check whether the life jacket intact, zipper is damaged, meet the requirements of the ability to use.

(1) before wearing a hot water zipper, loosen the belt, relax leg limit zipper.

(2) First put in two feet, then put on both hands, and then put on a hat, so that the face seals and face complete contact, and then tighten the belt, pull the water tight zipper.

(3) Tighten the leg limited-flow zipper, tighten the cuff elastic band, and then pull on the flap, and finally tight the back of the tape, so that the face seal ring taut.

After escaping from danger, you can uninstall in reverse order.