What's wrong with the use of life-saving air cushion

- Jan 08, 2018-

The use of life-saving air cushion is one of the misconceptions of a fire with the use of life-saving air cushion, lest induce jump. If laying the air cushion is tantamount to encouraging the masses to jump, this will lead to three very serious problems: the first is that the masses may jump down before the air cushion has been inflated, and hit the ground directly, causing more serious casualties; The second is that the masses will jump down after they see the air cushion, before they can leave the air cushion The leaping people had fallen off and collided with each other, and all the people who jumped the roof crashed on the air cushion, more serious casualties; third, according to the test, from the ground 15 meters to 20 meters is the limit of air cushion escape (about six floors below), and the fire set air cushion, can not ask only six floor below the talent to jump, More than seven floors of the masses if you see the air cushion will jump down, it is very easy because of impact or can not accurately fall on the air cushion and caused casualties, so fire rescue is absolutely unfavorable use of air cushion life-saving.

How to use the life-saving air cushion the misunderstanding of the two is in the fire of the clock to set air cushion slow. At present, my district Fire Fighting squadron shortage of police, in the second of every minute of fire, the first consideration is immediately organized to save fires, and rescue trapped masses. Because the fire escape time is very limited (according to the study in the burning room, it takes only six minutes to burn from a fire to a full burn, and in such a short period of time, it is impractical to consider setting up a life-saving air cushion, waiting for the air cushion to be filled and the air cushion is too light, when it is finished, it is easy to flap, The whole process requires at least 5 people to operate at the same time, coupled with the fire brigade needed time, it was too late. Therefore, we should be cautious to use air cushion life-saving, do not cause the masses to wait for the laying of air cushion, and delay the escape time, but caused more serious casualties. In addition, when the masses jumped, with the existing bars everywhere, full of falling space barriers, the masses can accurately fall on the air cushion? This shows that in the fast-changing fire scene, we commanders should keep a clear mind, the situation, reasonable use of fire fighting tactics, and accurately play the role of lifesaving air cushion and other equipment.