Large Buoyancy Marine Life Jacket

Light, convenient and easy to use, simple to remove the cumbersome use steps, so that the use is more simple to consider the emergency rescue, or many problems of travel, our designers carefully designed, so that the use of simple and quick steps to complete, so that the use of simple to be clear at a glance

Product Details

1.Lifesaving whistle in special circumstances, it is convenient to blow the whistle, waiting for rescue

2.Can throw the head suspension strap, can be tied to another person wearing a life jacket, safer!

3.Fixed waist buckle fixed waist belt fasten the body, make the vest firmly fixed, in the water the vest will not fall off because of the impact of water, more safe.


product parameters

product color :red

product size : adult life jacket

product features : strong and durable, long service life

product purpose : Swimming AIDS

accessories wear:button

product material :EPE high-density polyethylene foam

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