Double Buoyancy Foam Automatic Inflatable Vest

Firemen professional life jackets double balloon inflatable foam combo lifejacket life vest.

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1. The inherent buoyancy material (foam plastic) and inflatable bag are used to provide buoyancy to solve the conflict between the safety performance of life jacket and the flexibility of water movement.

This life jacket with the natural buoyancy of modest (50 ~ 70 n), buoyancy distribution is reasonable, can support the body upright floating in the water, swimming wearing this jacket or job more effort than ordinary life jacket, water activity.

2, the design on this jacket jackets airbags can inflate in 2 ~ 5 seconds, airbag provide buoyancy is large, using the function even rescuers were drowning hold, when two people are not sinking, effectively solved the problem of insufficient traditional life jacket buoyancy.

3, inflatable life jacket on carries life buoy without air condition is small in size, easy to carry and simple operation, after the inflatable buoyancy (not less than 150 n) greatly, two adults (70 kg/person) seize the life buoy also not sink in water.

In addition, the lifejacket also has a display lamp, reflective strip, whistle, etc., which effectively improves the rescue function of lifejacket.

4. The belt design of this life jacket can effectively prevent the life jacket from moving or disconnecting with the body in the water, making the buoyancy of the life vest more effective.

The side adjustment belt is convenient and reliable, which can ensure the life jacket and body are fully fit;

The design of the access control zipper ensures the speed of the life jacket.

Buoyancy: more than 200N

Inflation time: less than 5 seconds

Compressed gas weight: 33 grams

Floating time: more than 24 hours

Airbag pressure: less than or equal to 0.2KG

Head and shoulders surface after the tilt angle35-40 degrees

Validity: 3 years

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