Lifebuoy Self-ignition Light And Self-activating Smoke Signal

Marine life buoy self-lightening floating lamp combination life buoy self-lightening CCS certificate ship supplies signal

Product Details

Structural features:

1, lamps shell adopts airtight structure, composed of modified PC injection, the lampshade adopts transparent PC material, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, strong and durable, fall or collision with other object does not produce sparks, safe and reliable.

2. The light source adopts special white light emitting diode, and the control circuit adopts constant current booster chip, with high speed of light and stable and reliable performance;

Power on and off is controlled by a switch structure consisting of a dry reed pipe and magnetic materials. When the circle lamp is inverted, it is closed.

Main parameters:

1. Power supply: 2 # 1 alkaline batteries

2. Light source: 1W white light emitting diode

3. Applicable ambient temperature: -30~65

4. Working temperature: -1~30

Working hours: 2hours

6. Luminous intensity:2cd

7. Luminous type: flashing light

8. Explosion-proof level: ExiallCT4

9. Explosion-proof certificate no. : GYB091301

10. Term of validity: 3 years

11. Shape and size: 100X295mm



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