Line Throwing Appliance (HTP-2 )

Lifesaving rope thrower with CCS certificate EC certificate

Product Details

Throwing distance:≥ 230m   Breaking strength  of line2KN

DeflectionRanges 10%     Size:Φ52*450mm

Packing Size: 680*230*470mm

Equipment composition:

1 storage box only

A rocket launcher

4 rockets,4 ropes

Launch distance (windless weather) : greater than or equal to 230m

Throwing rope breaking force: greater than or equal to 2KN

Deviation distance: less than or equal to 10% of the range

Duration: launcher for 9 years, rocket for 3 years

Is mainly used in the following industries: relief centre, the customs anti-smuggling, border police, fire and rescue, offshore drilling platform, work boats, tender, standby ship, oil tanker, cruise ships, ferries and set up many industry fields such as electric wire.


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