- Mar 08, 2018-

Accidents Happen – Better to Play it Safe

Nobody can avoid accidents all the time. Of course you want your kid to feel confident about going out on the water, but they should also realize that being conscious of the risks is a way to avoid making mistakes. Educate your kids on water safety in a way that shows them how to do things right, including wearing the correct safety gear, like water sports helmets and life jackets.

When You’re Moving Fast, Water is Like Solid Ground

It won’t take too many falls for your kid to realize that water isn’t always soft. In fact, all they have to do is go for one belly flop to see that water can hurt. Ask your kid if they’d like to try a belly flop into the water, and see what they say. If they are hesitant, congratulate them on knowing better and remind them that they’ll be moving a lot faster when they’re being towed behind the boat. If they’re interested in trying out a belly flop, it might be a good idea to let them do it somewhere shallow in case they need rescuing.

There is a Reason for Water Sports lifevest

If there was no need for water sports life vest for kids, they probably wouldn’t be for sale. There are many ways that water sports life vest make kids safer in the water, and getting used to using safety equipment should just be part of learning to enjoy water sports.

Find a Style They Like

W-boat knows that kids are more likely to wear a life vest if they like how it looks. There are a lot of fun and funky designs out there that may not matter to you, but will make a big difference to your kids. Let your kids be part of the selection process, so they can get a life vest that they like. Getting a kids water sports helmet is non-negotiable, but the style can be all theirs.