Life Jacket Maintenance And Cleaning Instructions And Inspection

- Jan 08, 2018-

Cool dry-If the life vest is wet, hang it on a coat hanger and dry it thoroughly. Do not bask directly in the sun, nor can you use any heat source.

Clean--synthetic fabrics are recommended for wet cleaning with a mild detergent. Wipe off the grease immediately. Wash with Qingshuiqing.

1.No machine wash.

2.No dry cleaning.

3.Can't Bleach


User testing-users should follow the following recommendations:

1, leak test-every two months to carry out this test. Use the mouth blowing air bag inflatable placed 16 hours, if the airbag is still very hard, indicating that there is no leakage, in normal working condition. If there is a leak, it needs to be repaired.

2, mouth blowing valve function test-remove the dust cap. Life jacket inflatable state, using the cap on the prominent part of the pressure valve to test the valve to be easy to press, when released, to be able to return to the closed position again sealed.

3, the outer cover and the appearance inspection of the ribbon--inspect the cover cloth, the seam, the Ribbon connection, the fastener and so on; the cloth fading indicates its strength is weakened, and its strength is checked by pulling the immediate seam and the connecting part. If there is any damage to the life jacket, it needs to be replaced and tested before you go out.