Sea Life Jacket

- Jan 08, 2018-

Generally used are marine life jackets. Eva foaming material is used inside

, compressed 3D three-dimensional molding, the thickness of 4 cm or so (domestic production is 5-6 thin hair materials, about 5-7 cm thick). Life jackets produced in accordance with standard specifications have their buoyancy standards: the average adult is 7.5 kg/24 hours, the child is 5 kilograms/24 hours, so as to ensure that the chest above surface.

Usage: Put the life jacket whistle bag on the body; pull the zipper, hands tight front collar strap, tie the neck belt; the prize under the tie belt in the predecessor left and right cross to bind firmly, after the examination each place is fastened.

Use color: bright colors in life jackets or colors with fluorescent ingredients that stimulate the optic nerve. may be related to the wavelength of the color, is the human eye is easy to accept and not easily confused by other colors. This will be more conspicuous. So wearing a life jacket in case of an accident, it is easy to be found, can be implemented as soon as possible rescue.