The Structure Of The Heat Preservation Life Suit

- Jan 08, 2018-

Heat preservation clothing generally use foam neoprene made of a shirt and trousers linked to the "even body type" clothing. The chest is fitted with a watertight zipper, which is convenient for the wearer to use quickly.

The thickness of the foam blanket used in the Heat preservation life-saving clothing is generally 5mm. As the rubber layer has a number of small closed micro-holes, the hole put a lot of static air, and these still air is the best insulation material, so the heat preservation clothing has good insulation performance, its structure as shown in Figure 1.

In order for the wearer to perform certain tasks, it is equipped with a pair of gloves and a trouser shoe with a skid-proof device; In order to prevent the air from flowing in the life jacket, a limited-flow zipper is installed on both sides of the life jacket; For the convenience of helicopters, a lifting ring with a spring switch is arranged in front of the life jacket. In addition, the life jacket should conform to the basic requirements of the lifejacket and be equipped with a corresponding fixture. Under normal circumstances, a person can finish unpacking, wearing a life-saving suit during 2min without help, and can climb down a vertical ladder of at least 5m length. And the wearer can swim in the water and board the lifeboat and raft.