Working Principle Of Inflatable Lifejacket

- Jan 08, 2018-

Inflatable life jackets have two functions, such as manual inflating and automatic inflating.

1. Manual inflation: Before or after the water to pull the pull line on the inflatable device, so that the lever turned to not less than 90 degrees, thorn needle broken gas bottle diaphragm, high-pressure CO2 gas into the air bag, gas expansion to generate buoyancy.

2. Automatic inflation: After drowning, the life jacket immersed in the water to make the automatic unit of the moisture sensitive components softened, the firing pin lost the block, the spring to push the needle broken gas bottle sealing diaphragm CO2 gas into the air bag and generate buoyancy.

3. Blow the mouth for one-way valve type, after blowing the check valve automatically closes.