Cycling Bike Helmet

This product is designed to attenuate impacts to the head of a cyclist in falls while minimizing side effects such as interference with peripheral vision. It is light in weight and provides ample ventilation because cycling can be an intense aerobic activity which significantly raises body temperature, and the head in particular can be able to regulate its temperature. This helmet uses new PC material shell and densely gray (imports) high foaming of material, internal lining with high-grade, not only beautiful but also wear clothing comfortable, suitable for general use. Including vents in the front, top and rear of the helmet, all the heat you’re producing will be able to escape through the vents to help keep you cool.

Product Details

Product Details


1.Product introduction

Premium Material: constructed with super lightweight, tough and durable PC, EPS Liner, shaping the helmet a sleek look and giving you a comfortable and no burden bicycle experience.

Humanized Structure: The reinforcing Fiber skeleton holds the helmet together even there is a strong impact. It is also designed with detachable brim and washable inner padding, which is more convenient to use and clean.

Excellent Ventilation: Helmet is designed with 24 Air Vents ensuring optimal air flow and minimal resistance, allowing air to pass through in efficient and easy way.

Our helmet is CE certified.

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