High Quality PVC/NBR Foam Pool Floating 9-hole Fruits Cell Foam Holder Pool Tray Drink Holder

This product is made of PVC/NBR foam which is non-toxic and comfortable. In your spare time, you can enjoy your favorite food, fruit, drink, water, leisure time and endless happiness.

Product Details



Place of origin:Jiangsu,China

Material:PVC/NBR foam



Features:Nontoxic/Durable/High buoyancy


Function:For hold your food and drink






Product Features


1.It is made of closed cell PVC/NBR foam which is more comfortable when lounging in the water.

2.There are nine holes can accommodate your beverages and snacks. Your food and drinks are always nearby.

3.Material environmental protection and safety, will not affect your health, not water absorption, easy to clean, prevent the breeding of bacteria.

4.In your spare time, present your favorite food, fruit, drink, playing with water, leisure, enjoy the summer time, give you endless happiness.




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