PVC/NBR Super-soft Aqua Swing Chair Swimming Pool For Water Reureation

This product material is made of PVC/NBR foam, is a u-shaped seat, very comfortable and safe, easy to carry, simple storage, many colors, fashionable atmosphere.

Product Details




Place of origin:Jiangsu,China

Material:PVC/NBR foam




Function:For fun






Product Features


1.Super-soft Aqua Swing is U-shaped float,is very comfortable.It's made of PVC foam.

2.Light weight, small size, environmental protection and safety, good strength performance.

3.Prevent bask in, prevent ultraviolet ray, prevent a few acid-base material, do not absorb water.

4.Carry very convenient, easy to receive, many colors, fashionable atmosphere.

5.Use it, you will gradually fall in love with it, let you experience a new feeling.




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