Swimming Pool Training First Aid Dummy

Basic Information: The water rescue dummy is an indispensable tool for organizations, institutions, and individuals involved in the training and/or testing of lifeguard skills. Scientifically designed, to approximate towing, the size of an average person in the water. The training manikin is...

Product Details


Product introduction

Water lifesaving refers to the fact that people are engaged in various kinds of water activities and accidents, in order to reduce

Save or avoid loss of aid activities, including water to rescue and field first aid

The project, a noble cause designed to "save the lives of people," shows the essence of humanitarianism

God, the water lifesaving training model came into being.

Water lifesaving training models are integrated in various human bodies.

Under the premise of the application of the plan and the actual scene, the fine properties of the fiberglass are combined to make it light and durable and beautiful


This product is suitable for all kinds of water life training, and can also be used as a personal protective leisure lifesaving.

Main technical parameters

Name: water lifesaving training model

Type no. : WBT- T6

Color: red and black, yellow black (customized according to need)

Product size: 1000*530*220mm

Packing size: 1040*550*270mm

Packing: one box and one carton

Net weight: 8 kg

Gross weight: 11kg

Full water weight: 50kg

Material: high strength anti-aging waterproof resin material, glass fiber cloth, etc

Product use: used for swimming pool diving lifeguard, lifeguard use training dummy.

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