Water Floating Plate Adult Water Park Article Floating PVC/NBR Closed Cell Foam

This product is soft and comfortable, the material is environment-friendly and safe, high quality PVC/NBR closed-hole foam, no water absorption, no deformation, in line with international standards, many colors, fashionable atmosphere, swimming training, leisure and comfortable, enjoy the summer water comfortable time.

Product Details




Place of origin:Jiangsu,China

Material:PVC/NBR closed cell foam



Features:Non-pressurized/Non absorbent/Non-defrmation/Easy clean






Product Features




1. Super buoyancy, environmental protection and safety material, high quality closed-hole foam, no water absorption, no deformation, buoyancy in line with international standards.

2. Protection in place, safe rest assured.Both ends of nylon webbing handle and reinforced rivet design to prevent sinking.

3. The surface of PVC coating is smooth, soft and comfortable, which can prevent the growth of bacteria and is easy to clean.

4. Fashionable atmosphere, rich color, simple and good-looking.

5.Easy to receive, light weight, small size, easy to carry.

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