Yellow Color Swimming Pool Rescue Stretcher

Technical features: utilizes high strength of PE material, it has light weight, small volume, easy to carry and use safety, etc, is mainly suitable for hospitals, sports venues, ambulances and force field transporting patients that can be carried out X-ray. The stretcher can be used in combination with the head fixer; The first aid board is composed of the head fixer of the spinal cord. Technical parameters: Product size (length * width * height) : 185 * 46 * 6.5cm. Packing size (1 set/box) : 187 x 48 * 8cm. Net weight: 8.2kg. Gross weight. : 10kg. Weight: 159 kg or less In normal temperature water can float an adult, greatly reduce the difficulty of the water life rescue personnel, facilitate faster, more convenient to rescue the injured; The perimeter of the handle is evenly distributed, which can be raised, carried and carried by many people at the same time. The rigid structure facilitates the continuation of CPR and CPR during the transfer process.

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