FRP ABS Work Helmets

Adjustable Chin strap and optional Chin Cup. High absorption and washable Sweatband. FRP ABS work helmets are made of FRP, a lightweight, strong and robust material that can withstand radiant temperature up to 500℃. Formed by molding process, the fiberglass safety helmets are easy to manufacture and far less brittle. Quality yet lightweight FRP materials about eight times stronger than HDPE safety helmets. Excellent electrical isolation and resistance against heat, corrosion, acids, alkali and oil.

Product Details

Product Details


Cheap Price Custom Design Construction Engineering Safety Helmet/Safety Hard Hat/Industrial Safety Helmet  are recommended to be transported in their original packages.

Recommended to be stored in the dark placed at ambient temperature ranging form 0℃ to 30℃.

Do not store fiberglass helmets at a high temperature or in the sunlight directly which may cause the distortion of the shell.

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